Baroni Designs Jewelry Added to Shala Boutique

Subtly Spiritual Yoga Jewelry Arrives at the Boutique

We’re excited to announce the arrival of new jewelry from Baroni Designs. We added a sensual selection of these gorgeous jewelry designs featuring spiritual symbols such as the lotus, the tree of life, inner fire, malas, and mandalas hand crafted from silver, gold, amazonite, lapis, and more.

Baroni Designs Sacred Lotus Earrings

Come on in starting April 20th and try on malas, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from this well-loved California designer. Created by Arcata artist and designer Sarah Baroni, who believes that “jewelry and adornments are more than just external trappings,” the special pieces speak to our inner spirit, but adorn our outer spirit beautifully.

Since its inception in 1991, Baroni has tried to maintain a green business ethic and works with progressive supply partners with sustainable practices, and often uses reclaimed, recyclable, and renewable materials in the jewelry designs.

Baroni Jewelry in Jackson Hole

Images from Baroni Designs.

Teton Yoga Shala Closed April 1st – 19th for Facelift

We Will Be Closed April 1st – 19th for a Small Remodel

We will be closed April 1 – 19, 2015 for a small yoga studio remodel. Please come back April 20th to a refreshed studio with a new-and-improved yoga ropes wall, among other nice updates.

This brief closure won’t affect your yoga class cards or unlimited plans. We’ll adjust accordingly by extending the expiration date.

Keep up to date on the yoga class schedule here.

yoga studio in jackson hole, wyoming

New Student Yoga Specials

New Student Yoga Specials:

New Student Yoga Specials in Jackson Hole
Did you know? If you’re new to the Teton Yoga Shala, your first class is free. Come on in and try a yoga class with one of our many highly qualified yoga teachers and see what you think and how you feel afterward!

If you’re a Teton Yoga regular (we thank you!), please share this news with your friends or family who might benefit, or better yet, bring them in with you!

We also have a Monthly Unlimited New Student Special for New Students that you can take advantage of after your first class. It’s only $75 and you can come to any/all yoga classes that you want in one month. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart your yoga practice and it’s a great way to find yoga teachers and yoga classes that suit your needs.

अथ योगानुशासनम्॥१॥

Atha yoganuśasanam

And now begins (atha) the instruction (anuśāsanam) regarding Yoga (yoga)
–Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Complete a TYS MindBody Online Profile for Free Yoga Class

Good news! We are going to start using MindBody Online software to check people in for yoga classes and for our retail products starting in January. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we’re offering a free yoga class if you complete a profile for our studio by the next time that you come to class. It’s easy and only takes about five minutes, and will save time for you and us at the studio, so do it right now to get the free class.

1. Go to:
2. If you have a MindBody Online account, please sign in. If you don’t have an account, please create one.
3. Fill out the “Personal” section in your profile by clicking on “Edit” near the pencil icon. (You may choose to fill out the “Billing” section at this time to save time later if you’re going to pay for future classes with a credit card. You won’t have to worry about bringing money to class again!)
4. Click “Save”
5. Attend a FREE yoga class by telling the teacher that you’ve completed your profile. No expiration!

Complete a TYS MindBody Online Profile and Get a Free Yoga Class

Light Up The New Year And Your Chakras Workshop

Light Up The New Year And Your Chakras With Connie Wieneke starts January 4, 2015

Chakras Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Connie Wieneke
Eight-Week Kundalini yoga and meditation series begins Sunday, Jan. 4, and goes through Sunday, March 1. All levels are welcome. Class runs from 9-10:15 a.m. on most Sundays. There will be no class on Jan. 25 when Eddie Modestini is teaching his workshop.

With the guidance of yoga teacher Connie Wieneke, we will journey through the chakras, grounding ourselves in order to light up. This will be a very nurturing, meditative, and invigorating series. It is Kundalini after all. We will laugh and sweat, breathe and move to balance our energies in the chakras. Let joy enter the room of your heart, body, breath and spirit. Do yoga.

For information, please contact

Learn more about Connie Wieneke here.

Drop in For Yoga Teacher Training Individual Classes

If you can’t join us for the whole yoga teacher training/intensive October 5-29, you still can learn, breathe, meditate and practice! Please consider participating in the morning classes for a special workshop price of $45 from 9-11:45 or $60 from 8-11:45, or 3 punches for 9-11:45, or 1 punch for 8-9.

The 8-9 am yoga class will be pranayama and meditation and cost $15 while the 9-11:45 am class will be Asana (yoga poses) and cost $45. Please join us!

What is pranayama? One of the eight limbs of yoga, pranayama is a specific, intentionally induced pattern of breath control and breathwork that sharpens concentration and brings inner balance. Pranayama is one of the ways that you arrive at the doorway of meditation.

“Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself.”

In these pranayama/meditation classes Angela or Adi will lead you through these powerful and enriching practices.

Start a pranayama and meditation practice and experience the benefits of a more internal meditative practice. Or, challenge yourself with a longer asana practice to increase stamina and strength.

The Road to Empowerment: Yoga for Recovery and Strength Series

Yoga Series for Recovery and Strength with Heather Franklin

Yoga Series Jackson Hole Wyoming
Please join yoga teacher Heather Franklin for a 12-week yoga series exploring the use of therapeutic yoga combined with challenging asana to bring mobility and stability to specific regions of the body.

This yoga series is segmented into three four-week sessions: hips, core and shoulders.

Each session will use therapeutic yoga techniques to open the highlighted region and then apply challenging asana to strengthen it.

This special therapeutic and strengthening yoga series takes place on Saturdays evenings from 6 – 7:30pm.

  • Session 1: Hips Oct. 11 – Nov.1
  • Session 2: Core Nov. 8 – Nov. 29
  • Session 3: Shoulders Dec. 6 – Dec.2 7

Yoga Series Cost Details:

  • Four-week session only $100
  • Full 12-week series $250

About Heather Franklin

This special yoga series will be led by Heather Franklin, a Yoga Alliance certified and insured instructor. Heather is a trusted teacher offering over a decade of teaching experience. Learn more about Heather here.

Please contact Heather directly to register: or call 307-413-0514.

Top Three Reasons Why Yoga is So Important During Hectic and Stressful Times

Our summer in Jackson Hole is so busy and hectic sometimes. Family and friends come to town to visit; the parks are bustling; traffic on the roads is heavier than usual; and there is always something going on! This is exactly when you need yoga. Here are the top three reasons why yoga is so important during hectic and stressful times.

  1. Yoga calms our nervous system helping us to deal more skillfully with stress. It also calms our mind giving us the opportunity to observe what is going on within and around us with discriminating wisdom and awareness.
  2. It is through intelligent skillful yoga practice that we have the opportunity and tools to transform old patterns of attitude and behavior that no longer serve us.
  3. As we use the yoga practice as a vehicle to check in, rather than check out, we receive endless gifts from the process and experience of yoga.

Next time you find yourself stressed out or keeping a hectic pace, make an appointment with your mat (even if briefly), and keep it!

Top Three Reasons Why Yoga is so Important During Hectic and Stressful Times

July Yoga by Donation Month

Pay What You Want for Yoga Classes in Jackson Hole

Yoga in Jackson Hole by Donation in July
Yoga is all about TRANSFORMATION! This month, we are offering a special here at the Teton Yoga Shala, so you can experience our new yoga classes and teachers! It’s simple, for the whole month all yoga classes will be offered by donation, which means you can pay what you can afford or feel is appropriate.

Ignite a regular practice or simply try a new yoga class that you’ve been wanting to check out, and experience first hand the transformational benefits of Yoga.

Here are some of the fabulous, new yoga classes added:

  • Relax Deeply Class with Natasha
  • Therapeutic Yoga Class on Wednesdays with Max Friedman
  • Ashtanga Primary Series Research with Angela (Now 8:30 – 10:30 am!)
  • Sunday Donation Class with Ainslie (Now at 9:00 am!)
  • Adi Teaching the Saturday Yoga Flow

Yoga by Donation For a Good Cause, Too

Yoga by Donation in Jackson Hole to Benefit JHCCC
Also, 10% of all proceeds of the yoga classes during July will benefit the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. If you don’t know much about the Counseling Center, I highly recommend you look into what they offer to our Jackson Hole community. They make counseling affordable to everyone! No one is ever turned away, and the therapists there have dedicated their lives to helping people from all walks of life. See you in yoga class!